Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of year. When you hear holiday music on the radio. When you sit by fire as snow falls from the sky. Drinking hot chocolate as the bitter cold freezes you. It’s the time of year, when Christmas specials are on TV. When people light the menorah. This is the time of year that every little girl and boy wait all year for! ¬†Yes, it’s the time of year! I’m guessing everyone has already guessed it and thinking, ‘Wow! Way to state the obvious!’ But whatever! I’m in the holiday spirit! Where my friends and I hang out, and go ice skating, and sledding, and drinking hot chocolate! Oh, how I love this time of year. Where I can end anything bad and start fresh for the new year is just around the corner. To spend time with my family. To spent weeks off of school without any homework and noting to stress over. This is my favorite time of year.

I know I haven’t been on my blog in the longest time, but I got busy with cheer, and homework, and drama and everything else in the average 14 year old’s life. Also, not to mention I kinda forgot my password, due to the fact that my computer stopped working. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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Spring Into SpringūüĎĆ

To start this off, I’m deeply sorry that I haven’t been on lately, I’ve been caught up with school, MCAS, drama, and broadway ¬†therefore I’ve been very busy. Well anyway, you all probably know this already but today is the first day of spring. This is one of my favorite seasons. I love seeing the flowers bloom. ¬†I like how it’s not too cold but not too hot at the same time. Also in April I’m going on vacation so hopefully I’ll post about that. I’m going on vacation to Walt Disney World. I go to disney every year and this time I’m going to use the magic bands.


It’s March, time to bring the green. ūüćÄ The flour leaved clovers. Celebrate birthdays and change your wardrobe to warmer clothes. ¬†Well, since it’s been a while since I posted, I feel the need to refresh your minds with more interesting facts about me.

1.) Im in my schools play, BYE BYE BIRDIE!

2.) I have gotten 3/4 terms honor roll, (since one term left.)

3.) My favorite songs are #selfie, dark horse, human, American girl, ETC.

4.) I have a solo in my schools after school broadway, I’m singing Maybe from Annie

5.) My favorite movies are Pitch Perfect and Annie

6.) I ‚̧ԳŹ my besties! ( Ari, Jackie, Emily B (Emska), Mackenzie, Ashley

7.) I’m in honors chorus

8.) I’ve made a lot of new friends in middle school

9.) I saw Frozen so many times

10.) I’m obsessed with texting (facetiming), watching movies, hanging with my best friends, Etc

11.) I always use instagram

12.) I’m listening to Christiana Perri right now

13.) I have a iPad mini

14.) Im doing a social studies project with Ari, Jackie, and Ashley about Ancient Greece.

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May Uncle Jim be Forever In My Heart!

Recently my uncle Jim had been in a deadly car accident, he was left in a coma and was soon pronounced dead on a Saturday night. ¬†He will be forever in my heart. He was strong, and very muscular. His adorable 17 month old daughter and wife was his everything. On November 10, was my Aunt Monique’s birthday, she spent it with him and Kendall. ¬†It was so devastating. ¬†We have a website/ fundraiser just his family. He will be always in my heart. The website is: 

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True Friends!

What is the actual definition of true friends? ¬†It always changes. ¬†Depending on true friends, you chose by their values, that you and those people worship or show. ¬†Also, friendship is about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who was there to have your back when you were falling apart. ¬†Recently, I felt left out, ¬†some of my truest friends had told me I would hang out with them along with my other friend. ¬†But that day, I was walking out with my one of them and they said to me they weren’t going to go. However, they invited like a much of like random people. My other friend and I were left out. ¬†We hung out with them everyday last year. But I felt like I barely even existed. I was so upset. I consider them my closest besties, we are like sisters, but what do they think out me now?

Anyway, ¬†when I was invited to my bestie Emska’s birthday party in 5th grade, I made a poster/ card for her, It said Good Friends Always Last Forever, we always live with that saying I made up. ¬†We hung out everyday last year. ¬†She is my best friend, we are definitely like sisters! ¬†Luv you my Emska Emmy, Hope you feel better! We hang out almost every week, we see each other at church,, she’s my church buddy! ¬†I love my friends with all my heart! ¬†My other bestie is Ari. She tells me everything. ¬†We hung out everyday last year. ¬†We made inside jokes. ¬†We now text each other almost everyday. ¬†We do a lot together. ¬†She is my sister.. Ari, don’t forget Sistas be4 Mistas! ¬†Also, there’s Jackie. Ari’s twin sister. ¬†Even though we don’t really talk as much as Emska and Ari, I consider you as a sister. ¬†We have just as much inside jokes as them. ¬†You cheer me up when I down. ¬†We camp every year with each other,, all we need is Ashley to join us and boy,, that would be a fun time. ¬†You will always be my bestie, Jackie, Ari, and Emska! ¬†Luv you! Don’t forget #55 and Mr. Brear! ¬†Ashley, ¬†we will always make me smile when I’m down. ¬†You’re smart and an amazing bestie to have. ¬†Even though we don’t always talk, you will always be my bestie! ¬†These girlies aren’t just my besties these are my sisters. ¬†I luv you so much girlies! ¬†I bet ya Ari will say, LOL peeps, LOL! ¬†haha! ¬†Gotta love them! ¬†Recently, meaning like Friday night, we went to the mall and then had a sleepover. ¬†We got the same dresses and they look so pretty, I just love them! ¬†My besties are the bomb. ¬†Thanks my girlies for being there when I needed you! ¬†Hopefully we will always be besties!



My best friend, Ari, and I!

My best friend, Ari, and I!

Left 2 Right Ari, Me, Emily, Jackie Best Friends 4 Life

  Left 2 Right
Ari, Me, Emily, Jackie
Best Friends 4 Life

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Rainbow Looms!!


 What are these new fashion trends? Why, there rainbow looms!  Yes, a new has started off this chilly October month.  What are rainbow looms you may ask, rainbow looms are these cool, colorful homemade bracelets, with just the fantastic easy to find elastics!  You can create so many different designs, with the single loom, to the fishtail, the starburst, and even more!  Colors starting at white to blue!  Many shades and everything.  Even a boy can wear this fashionable trend. Just chose your color(s), and start making that magnificent bracelet!

I have 3 rainbow looms!  One is a single loom, which has 3 colors, white, blue, and purple.  I have one fishtail, that my bestest friend ever Emily had made me! (Truth About Life, As Told By Emily B.)  She made me a fishtail with colors that are black, hot pink, and a sky blue. Also, I had made myself one, a fishtail with blue and white!  I just love these amazing bracelets!


Have you ever made a rainbow loom?  

Do you have a Rainbow loom kit, do you wear rainbow looms?

Would you ever want a rainbow loom?


Pictures found on!

Get Your Rainbow Loom Today!

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October Is Here…

October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.


*October Is Here*

October is here, the ground is painted with many colors.  

Playful flames, sparking up the fireplace,

Filling the room, with warmth.

Rakes are set to be used,

Cold air is coming around the bend.

No more shorts. or tank tops, 

Beaches aren’t filled, pools are empty,

Time for costumes, and candy,

Pumpkins and apples are here to come,

Watermelon has come and soon vanished,

Time to wear long sleeves,

Sweat pants, yoga pants, jeans fill my drawers,

Uggs, bearpaws are ready to be worn,


My Birthday,


Are waiting to arrive.

October is here, and ready to stay a while;

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Warrior Team, Let’s Go,Let’s Go, Fight, Win!

Warrior team, let’s go, let’s go, fight, win.

It’s September and time to cheer. I’m a JV cheerleader and I’m proud of it. ¬†We have already had 2 times, and we lost one and tied one. I cheer for my town / district team, the Warriors! I love cheerleading a lot. This is my 3rd year of cheering and I want to continue. Here is one of my cheers that I do.

Warrior Team, Go!!

Warrior team let’s go, let’s go, fight win!

C’mon warriors, let’s do it, let’s go, fight, and win,

Let’s go, let’s fight, let’s go, fight, and win!

Do you cheer?

Would you ever want to cheer?

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Sorry about this whole block of the same post lately, but, I”m having a busy summer, which ends in 27 days! ¬†From the last day, June 21st to August 1st. I had many sleepovers, reading time, beach time, relaxation time, and emotional days! ¬†The week after school, I had School Drama Camp, then performed ¬†with a play:”The Frog Prince,” ¬†then had some sad times. Then I had tons of sleepovers with my cousin, Madisyn. ¬†Recently, I had Ari, Jackie, Emily, Ali, Natalie, Ashley come over my house for a slumber party with many makeovers, water balloons, candy, and cupcakes. We even made bracelets, put facial masks on, watched Pitch Perfect, and made shirts! ¬†I had Cheer Camp this week! ¬†I did my summer reading, you should definitely read Revived by Cat Patrick, really good book! ¬†And tomorrow I’m going camping with Ari, Jackie, Emily, and all their families for 3 days! Yipheee! ¬†Also this summer I got hooked on 2 new Abc Family television shows. ¬†They’re called ¬†The Fosters and Twisted!¬†I don’t want to tell you anything about them since there’s only one more episode left! Hope you soon will watch these shows!


In the comments below;

1)Write about your summer!

2)At the end of your comment tag: #Summer2013

3)What’s a good show to watch?

4)Do you watch The Fosters and or Twisted?








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Memories That Will Last A Life Time!

6th Graders. ¬†What are they? ¬†They’re half – way through their remaining school years, (not including College.) ¬†In my school, 6th graders are the “big fish.” ¬†Why? ¬†It’s our last year, and we go through 6 years just in Elementary School! ¬†So next year, I will be in 7th Grade. ¬†But, let us have some fun through our last few weeks of school. ¬†So just yesterday, the parents of my fellow classmates, ¬†have put together, an end of the year 6th Grader Beach Party. ¬†It was a time that no one will ever forget! ¬†As soon as I got to the beach, my friends and I went to the ¬†freezing cold water. ¬†We went like 100 feet away from the shore line, and it wasn’t even over our heads! ¬†Then we were heading out of the water to go on this gigantic chairs for only lifeguards to use. ¬†But before that we were at the shore with water splashing on our toes, and these large chunks of muck were there. ¬†They were¬†slimy¬†that you will slip constantly, and you did not want to fall, unless you want to get muddy clay all over you. ¬†Then, we headed inside this shack with our freezing cold bathing suits, (Still Wet,) ¬†to sit down to get a buffet filled with delicious foods. ¬†From cheeseburgers to onion rings, to even soda, we ate everything. ¬†We are like pigs, stuffing our faces with food. Here’s a secret that only some people had known about. Could I trust you not to tell? ¬†Here’s the secret, there was watermelon. ¬†Very few of us ate this, since the rest were already down at the beach just relaxing and fooling around. ¬†When I returned to the beach after eating watermelon with my friends, we decided to cover people with sand, (*cough, cough* Trey, *cough, cough*.) ¬†Not a very good choice, since after he chased us and throwing sand at us. ¬†Then we went to the end of the beach before reaching a part of the beach that we couldn’t go on, for that there were nesting birds there. ¬†So I grabbed my phone, and ran. ¬†I also wrote in the sand;¬†6 Grade Beach Party 2013. ¬†I took some pictures of that. ¬†Everyone else were gathered into a huge circle, and decided to play¬†Truth Or Dare, so I decided to take videos by then, to capture every second of memories in that game. ¬†However those videos, were to long so I can NOT post the videos. ūüôĀ ¬†We had a blast at the beach party, hopefully these memories will last a life time, I will never forget.

My best friend, Ari, and I!

My best friend, Ari, and I!



Left 2 Right Ari, Me, Emily, Jackie Best Friends 4 Life

Left 2 Right
Ari, Me, Emily, Jackie
Best Friends 4 Life



Jackie & Emily rockin' the Shutter Shades, with Paige, while playing #truthordare

Jackie & Emily rockin’ the Shutter Shades, with Paige, while playing #truthordare



No Entry Sigh, with Pink Shutter Shades!

No Entry Sigh, with Pink Shutter Shades!



Leaving the Beach :(

Leaving the Beach ūüôĀ

Those were all the photos that I could gather from my phone to download, sorry! ūüôĀ ¬†But, if I get anymore I will try to add them.



We didn’t just have this memory lasting night, today at school, we had to go to the Middle School and go tour our team / pods. ¬†I’m on 7-2 for next year. ¬†I’m super excited for moving up into a new grade, new school, and finally make new friends. ¬†However, the most important things and people that guided me through my life, will not be around, like my teachers. ¬†Ever since I started Day Care, Preschool, Elementary School, (2 towns) I got along with many different kids. Yes, I moved to different towns, I was the “new girl” in 3rd Grade, I’m now in 6th grade, and have many new friends, that are really close to me, that stick up for me, to help me out, and someone to hang out with. ¬†Also, people and guardians, who, cared about me, who taught the right direction to go in. Yes, I will make mistakes , well hey, everyone does, it’s ok, you learn from your mistakes, or that’s what I’ve been told. ¬†I’m now going to be more responsible, and more organized then ever before. ¬†Those are reasons why I will miss elementary school, so much, and why, I’m so excited to go be a “sevie.”

As well, to conclude this amazing school year, my math and science teacher, Mr Avery, we are creating these marvelous mini golf courses. ¬†I know, I know, awesome right! ¬†My group includes my best friends; Ari, Emily, and Natalie. ¬†Hopefully this project becomes a success! ¬†That’s just for a school project. ¬†From the outstanding 3 field trips already, to the Beach Party and Step Up Day, this leaves out the one and only, what for it, 6th Grade Dance, woohoo! ¬†The theme is NEON. ¬†I’m wanting to go full-out neon. ¬†But what day is this neon dance. ¬†Well, this dance is¬†tomorrow! ¬†Friday, the best night to host a legendary memory! ¬†From a DJ, to food, even to eye popping colors! ¬†The school year isn’t over just yet. ¬†I still have 15 days, but not including weekends and today it’s 11 days away! ¬†In that time, we will get a 6th grade cookout to the amazing¬†principal, Mr Veneto, to getting yearbooks, to helping out many different grades, to having¬†graduation, and sadly the Last Day Of School. *tear, tear.* ¬†I just can’t wait until this fabulous month to end, and I will¬†officially¬†be a 7th ¬†Grader! ¬†Ekkkkk! Your lifetime creates so much different memories, that will LAST a LIFETIME! ¬†Good Bye!


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